This year marked the fourth annual Opposite Lock Tri State Meetup! Going along with the trend of bigger, better and awesomer, we had the best turnout so far, a massive 13 cars, 16 people, and the first Oppo Snowball Fight. You have no idea what you’re missing.

In our yearly tradition, set forth by MountainCommand, we met up, caused a scene in a supermarket buying a lot of food, and then drove to High Point State Park to devour it all.

In the past, meetups have experienced really heavy fog, pouring rain, ridiculous cold, and now, snow. Nothing stops Oppo for crossing state borders to do something crazy. The 17 of us knuckleheads cleared off a grill, threw in some charcoal, later some firewood and got the grill going with copious amounts of starter fluid. Adult supervision was present, but peer pressure never fails.


For the first time in all of my events, we had a park ranger stop and say hi, but the conversation was one I will never forget. “You guys are crazy! I like crazy!”


Once we finished eating, chatting and casually disregarding safety near an open flame, we gathered together for the annual photo of members. Because of the sheer cold, the trek to High Point was cut off, the amount of snow would have made it difficult to get people together, and the salted and very cold roads weren’t doing anyone any favors. A year ago, it was 60 degrees for the meetup, simply beautiful weather. This year, mother nature had other plans. Luckily for Oppo, we have no shortage of crazy, so even though there were over 6 inches of snow, we were there.

After a quick jump, everyone hopped in their cars, a few of us ran for ice cream, and called it a day.


Another year, another meetup. Each year we’re growing, getting new faces, and having new experiences. It’s the Oppo way. Get out and drive, make new friends, eat good food and have a great time. Nothing is more Oppo.

Want to attend a future Oppo meetup? Let me know!